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Last Christmas wasn't much fun for a lot of people ...

No large family gatherings. No trips to the beach. No eating out, or flying off somewhere on holiday.

For elders at Tafta, Covid-19 lockdowns meant missing out on their annual festive lunch. And even though our kitchen staff pulled out all the stops to serve special meals to individuals in their rooms, it just wasn’t the same.

That's why we're determined to give them a real festive get together this year.

Most of our elders have had their vaccinations. And with lockdown restrictions easing, we’re hoping for the best ... planning festive lunch menus, dates and venues. And we need to know if we can count on your generous support again, please.

Because, although we call them our Tafta lunches, truthfully they’re not ‘ours’. They’re yours. It’s the good people of Durban who make it possible for us to dish up 1 500 lunches to Durban’s elders over the festive season.

Your kindness means the world to pensioners like Nancy (not her real name). She doesn’t have any family of her own – and she can’t afford to buy special treats for herself. Not even a chocolate bar to enjoy with her tea on Christmas morning.

Being invited to our festive lunch would mean the world to her. A rare opportunity to get dressed up in her best clothes .. sit down at a table laid with festive linen, tinsel, party hats and Christmas crackers .. enjoy companionship, fun, laughter, music and dancing. And of course, a delicious traditional festive lunch.

But, even though we’ve outsourced the catering at the best possible price, this year’s meal of roast chicken and lamb, crispy potatoes, veg and dessert is going to cost R125 per head.

Please can you find it in your heart to sponsor one or more festive lunches for elders to enjoy?

Your gift of R250 will pay for two friends to go to lunch together. R500 pays for a table of four. And a gift of R750 or R1 000 covers a table of six or eight. But, any amount you can give now will help bring Christmas Cheer into our Homes.

In return, you’ll enjoy the warm feeling in your heart of knowing that you’ve given joy to a lonely elder, who might otherwise not have a proper Christmas.

* If the worst comes to the worst and we find ourselves back in lockdown again this festive season, be assured that your meal will still be enjoyed by one of our elders ... in the safety of his or her room. Thank you for your caring and your understanding.

How much joy will you give?

Use this form to donate a festive lunch by credit card or instant EFT.

I have read the Terms & Conditions.

Bank Details for direct deposits

Bank: First National
Acc no. 6257 2084 285
Branch: Durban Main
Branch code: 22-14-26

Please use your surname as the beneficiary reference and send proof of payment to to receive tax certificate and acknowledgement.

The Hospice Palliative Care Association of South Africa (HPCA) has a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with The Association for the Aged (TAFTA). This collaboration aims to improve access to palliative care for older people in South Africa through training, support and policy development.

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The Association for the Aged is a registered non-profit organisation (NPO 002093) dedicated to the alleviation of distress and the promotion of the welfare of aged persons living in the Durban area.

Any person who is over 60 and in need of help – or any person who knows of an elderly person in need of help – should contact us. TAFTA cares.

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